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How to Acquire a Beautiful Landscape
and Enrich Your Home


When your landscape is designed properly, it will add personal value and equity to your home, will get better year after year, and every six weeks you can expect a change of colors in your landscape.

Both owners, Philip and Joan of Colorscape Landscaping have over 60 years of combined experience, and both are always on site when the landscape is installed. The benefit to this is that the designers are both on site to assure proper placement, that plantings are in their exact proper spot, spaced properly, and in correct alignment. The best projects are derived with attention to details.

When you hire Colorscape Landscaping you have acquired someone who understands the artistry of true landscape garden design.  Anticipating the timely arrival of colors every six weeks from early spring to late fall is the added benefit of a successful landscape.

We have been quietly improving outdoor lifestyles for over 30 years!

about colorscape
About Colorscape

Colorscape is a Landscape Design Company that has been providing the Metro Detroit Area with beautiful landscapes and landscape ideas for over 30 years. Established in 1986 by Phil and Joan. Colorscape Specializes in Original Landscape Design providing excellence in beautifully designed pavers, walkways, and retaining walls.

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We Deliver Value That Hits Home
We Deliver Value
That Hits Home

You will find some interesting landscape design techniques not normally found in other landscapes which really complete the landscaping and sets it apart from other homes.
We offer advice on proper selection of trees that would best benefit your home. Wether you desire shade trees, ornamental flowing trees, or evergreen trees; each have their own reason for usage. It is our job to explain this in helping you make your selection.

Our Assurance To You
Our Assurance
To You
We Make Ourselves Available

After your landscape is completed, we offer maintenance on what we install to assure that plants thrive and grow properly with proper trimming of the evergreens, pruning trees, fertilizing, and good common sense advice. So rest assured we will be there for you to guide your plants into a successful landscape garden.