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Do you want to acquire a beautiful landscape and enrich your home? For over 30 years this is what Colorscape Landscaping has been doing in Oakland County Michigan. A family operated business, we bring value to your residence by designing a beautiful landscape with tried and true results. As a first step, we deliver to your home good peat soil as the growing medium of choice which assures good growing results.


Choosing the right plants that complement the surrounding area, and are suitable for the intended purpose is our aim. This is what you should expect from good designer. One benefit of perennial flowers is that you only plant once, and they come back the following year. Additionally, the timing of the bloom dates in selecting plants assures you that every six weeks you should have color in your landscape. We often use colorful perennials to brighten up an otherwise dark areas and some flowers that do well in shade. If you check out our Photo Gallery you will see landscaping we’ve had the privilege to create in Beverly Hills and surrounding cities.


So call us to talk further.  We offer evening and weekend appointments.


Creative Designs by Colorscape Landscaping can be achieved in Beverly Hills MI


Beautiful boxwood evergreen hedges, masterfully manicured for that stately look really hold your home’s architecture together in the front yard. Creating beds and borders with  dark green evergreens accentuate bright perennial colors in the foreground.  Lastly, planting artistically sheared evergreens shown here on the right, can give a backyard a bolder more formal feeling. This is our long-time customer’s private outdoor reading room. Call Colorscape Landscaping to see what can be dreamed up at your Beverly Hills, MI home.


Colorscape Landscaping  can give you a beautiful garden around your brick patio, or perhaps a troublesome slope in the backyard. Interspersed with some low growing boxwood evergreens  gives the landscape structure and dimension, and in the winter the boxwoods will continue to provide evidence of a garden awaiting its return.  Yes, they are very winter hardy if  the correct varieties are selected. Call us for a consultation.


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