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Are you considering upgrading your landscape by removing the old overgrown plants and starting anew in Clarkston, MI? Colorscape Landscaping is a family owned and operated company landscaping homes for over 30 years now.  We have amassed a large list of happy satisfied customers for the landscape designs we have created for them.

We specialize in colorful landscape garden design.  The use of color in the landscape really makes it sparkle, and the perennials flower year after year as they mature.  The visual effects are endless, and we also consider scented flowers for the added benefit.  And cutting flowers for your table as you dine is expected; and offering fresh flowers to  to a friend will be touched by your kindness.  The most noticible landscapes are those with color, so why not add a splash of color in your garden in Clarkston, MI. It’s a matter taste as to how much or little you desire.

And don’t forget the spring flowering trees.  There are several varieties of ornamental flowering trees that could enhance any home’s landscape.


Creative Designs by Colorscape Landscaping can be achieved in Clarkston MI


Beautiful boxwood evergreen hedges, masterfully manicured for that stately look really hold your home’s architecture together in the frontyard. Creating beds and borders with  dark green evergreens accentuate bright perennial colors in the foreground.  Lastly, planting artistically sheared evergreens shown here on the right, can give a backyard a bolder more formal feeling. This is our long-time customer’s private outdoor reading room. Call Colorscape Landscaping to see what can be dreamed up at your Clarkston, MI home.

Colorscape Landscaping  can give you a beautiful garden around your brick patio, or perhaps a troublesome slope in the backyard. Interspersed with some low growing boxwood evergreens  gives the landscape structure and dimension, and in the winter the boxwoods will continue to provide evidence of a garden awaiting its return.  Yes, they are very winter hardy if  the correct variety is selected. Call us for a consultation.


Clarkston MI Landscaping Services


  • Landscape Services
  • Landscape Trees
  • Landscape garden design Clarkston MI
  • Brick  paver patios and  brick walkways


Colorscaping Landscaping offers to Clarkston MI


  •      Colorscape Landscaping is licensed and insured.
  •      Colorscape Landscaping has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a member in excellent standing.
  •      Colorscape Landscaping has been serving people for over 30 years.


Call us today  if you have any questions regarding your landscaping needs, and we can meet by appointment.  We offer evenings and weekend appts.

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