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Colorscape Landscaping is a landscape design company in business for more than 27 years. Joan has been designing overall for more than 32 years. You will find some very interesting design techniques not normally found in other landscapes, which really complete a design and set it apart from others.

The use of perennial flowers in an array of colors adds dimension to the design, and it brings the landscape to completeness. They’re easy to care for, more so than annuals, and need only be planted once. Anticipating the yearly arrival of flowers in their glory of color from early spring to late autumn is the added benefit of a successful colorscape.

We offer advice on the proper selection of trees: shade trees, ornamental flowering trees and evergreen trees. Each has its own reason for usage. Some varieties have better characteristics than others. Some are susceptible to disease and have a short life span. Others are disease-resistant, long-lived or drought-resistant, while others have a beautiful autumn color, etc. It’s our job to explain this in helping you make your selections.

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