Our Difference


For Peats Sake

We utilize good quality peat soil to enhance the growing experience. Since the plants are grown in peat soil at the nursery, why not continue that same process in the installation process? Its what was intended from day one. Hard compacted soil or top soil brought to your home is never the answer to a successful landscape.

Expert Landscaping in Beautiful Living Color

If you appreciate color in landscaping, the use of perennial flowers that come back year after year could be part of the overall landscape. Whether it be abundant meaningful color or minimal color. You choose!


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee /  Let’s Talk Warranty


All  of our plants and materials are guaranteed for one year. We stand behind our work and built our reputation on providing important follow-up to assure you that your landscape project is performing as we’ve promised.

This is how Colorscape Landscaping has managed to retain a long term client base for years.


We take warranty very seriously and maintain a pro-active approach to ensure client satisfaction. We’ll visit your home the following spring after the plants leaf out to check for warranty items including plants and other aspects of your landscape.  We then come back and replace as necessary.

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