English Perennial Gardens

English Perennials

What could be more wonderful than color in your garden?


The use of perennial flowers in an array of colors adds dimension to the design, like multiple layers, or depth in visual design. Perennials are easy to care for, more so than annuals and need only be planted once. Anticipating the yearly arrival of flowers in all their glory of color for early spring to late autumn is an added benefit of a successful colorscape. But we don’t just stop at perennials because a successful garden, one that looks complete, and has multiple layers, is a garden that also has varieties of hibiscus, hydrangeas, flowering ornamental trees and perhaps some low growing boxwood evergreens that give year round structure to the garden. Yes, the designs are endless but you direct us as to what you may be envisioning for your home.


Colorscape landscaping is a family operated company, in business for over 30 years. When you hire Colorscape Landscaping, you actually get the owners to not only design your garden(s), but also install. The owners are on site at your home 100% of the time. As Joan, the designer, must assure all plants are installed in their exact spot on site. The interpretation of the design is that critical.


Colorscape Landscaping provides a watercolor painted design as the visual aid to the homeowner so you can see the colors the garden will take on. Every design detail and material selection is well throughout.


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